Brine treatment solutionsThere is a wide diversity of industries that generate brines: desalination plants, gas and oil drilling, power generation plants, tanning companies, different types of food, as well as all those that treat large volumes of water (softening, demineralization, reverse osmosis, etc.).

Saline effluents must be properly managed. Uncontrolled discharge of these effluents may cause a negative environmental impact. Brine treatment is not easy in most cases. There are different solutions depending on factors such as flow rate, geographic location and whether or not there are other pollutants apart from salts, etc.

There are different alternatives for their management, but Zero Liquid Discharge systems provide multiple advantages: it is the most respectful option for the environment, does not produce any discharge, generates an effluent of high quality water (this high quality water can be reused in the production process), and the concentration of salts can be crystallized with the option to reuse.

Please see the document below in which we address the problem of brines and give some suggested alternatives for management and treatment.



Brine treatment