Leachate generated in landfills need to be treated properly to avoid big environmental problems in the sorroundings of the landfill.

There is not a unique solution and different aspects (effluent composition, volume, waste to manage after treatment, budget, etc.) have to be considered before taking a decission.

Here we share a case study that shows the solution applied in a landfill located in Spain. The main innovation consisted in adding a vacuum evaporator after the biological treatment and the reverse osmosis processes that already existed. The results highlight two important achievements:

  • Big savings in waste management expenses (more than $500.000 every year)
  • Better performance in the treatment of the leachate (more than 95% of clean water)

Here’s the document:


Landfill leachate treatment


Sergio Tuset is the CEO of Condorchem Envitech, with over 20 years’ experience in management of industrial companies.

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